Intuitive Consulting for Businesses + Brands


Deeply intuitive and highly empathic, Julie is a fierce follower of her dreams and passion for business. Julie brings the gift of insight to all her endeavors and has worked and lived in the nation’s biggest markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco.

As one of the founding staff members of award-winning lifestyle magazine HOUR Detroit, Julie established her creative and spiritual path. At the age of 26, Julie purchased and operated the iconic vintage clothing boutique, Patti Smith, where she began dressing local musicians including the White Stripes as well as touring artists such as Lauryn Hill, The Go-Go’s and  Billy Corgan

In 2001, Julie pursued a career in fashion styling, signing with Elite Models in Chicago before moving to New York where Julie Greene Inc. was launched as a fashion and wardrobe consultancy. Her work has been featured on the cover of international magazines and on billboards in Times Square, with clients including The History Channel and Sephora. As the creator of Dressing From the Inside Out, Julie is a frequent speaker at fashion related events.

In 2009 Julie moved to Malibu, California, where she transitioned her fashion work to the LA market as a client liaison for Neiman Marcus Studio Services. It is there she began dressing Hollywood’s elite including actors, musicians and A-list celebrities. 

Julie followed her love of writing, parlaying her work into personal and business  branding. As a Creative Strategist for a downtown LA branding agency, Julie contributed her words to books, movie posters and brand platforms with a focus on real estate and health and wellness. 

Alongside her career in branding, Julie turned her attention to the emerging cannabis market. She successfully helped foster in the legalization of recreational cannabis in the largest market in the world, providing licensing and legal compliance for LA’s biggest cultivators. 

Today, Julie brings together her entire work experience and lifelong intuitive talents as well as a BA is Psychology and Life Purpose Institute Certification to provide intuitive business consulting for CEO’s, start-ups and entrepreneurs.