Intuitive Consulting for Businesses + Brands

“There is a force that wants you to realize your destiny; it whets your appetite with a taste of success.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

We all have a dream.

The big picture. The fairy tale. That thing we’ve always wanted, deep down inside. Maybe it’s been buried awhile, maybe you’ve been chasing it, or maybe you’ve given up on it completely. 

Let me assure you – your dream is still alive.
It’s been waiting patiently for you to tap into it.
To acknowledge it.
To embrace it.
To start living it. 

I help you rediscover, reconnect with and start living your dream. Today.  

Everybody has a dream.
What’s yours?



Gain deep insight into the true nature of your brand and discover the highest vision for your business.


Receive ongoing intuitive support to help navigate your journey both professionally and personally.


See your business come to life with intuitive brand strategy and marketing materials that communicate your vision.

Great minds have often expressed a strong interest in psychic practices, among them, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Carl Jung.

With deep intuitive insight, I see the highest vision for your business, your brand and your self. I work with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, start-ups and creatives to tap into their deepest calling, unleash their true potential and guide them through actualizing their biggest dreams. 

Your dream is where we start.


“I was simply blown away by Julie’s reading and her approach to the entire session. I’ve had my cards read a bazillion times, but never to the degree where I felt understood on a spiritual level. It was just magical to hear her explain things with such clarity. Also, her whole-hearted enthusiasm for the reading itself makes it an incredibly engaging experience from start to finish. I highly recommend a session (or two!) with Julie. She has a very special gift.”

Jennifer Andrews
Creative Director, New York, NY



“Julie has played an instrumental role in helping me develop my luxury concierge business, Modern Butler. As an intuitive guide and brand expert, she has provided clarity and direction for my business over the years. I trust her vision and insight completely. I feel passionate and empowered every time we work together.”

Robert Gertz
Managing Partner of Modern Butler, Beverly Hills


From fascinating visions of past lives and allegorical visions of current life, to powerful insights from a variety of beautiful decks, the depth and detail of Julie’s reading was extraordinary. To anyone looking for a revelatory spiritual experience, I would recommend her unhesitatingly.

Angus Spottiswoode
Film Editor, Los Angeles, CA


I’ve had several readings with Julie and each one offers more and more accurate insights into my business and my brand. I go to Julie for guidance on major business and personal decisions and I always come away feeling more grounded and inspired.

Laura Binder
Founder Chic Home Chicago, Chicago, IL


Julie has an amazing ability to tap into your energy and reveal important messages that help you better understand yourself, your business and your brand.

Heather Hartle
Entrepreneur, San Francisco, CA


I recently consulted with Julie regarding a major life decision. Not only did she provide helpful guidance regarding this decision, she also offered me deep spiritual insights into my talents, abilities and opportunities that were available to me. She is an authentic and passionate reader. I highly recommend her!

Nick Campbell
Musician, Bend, OR


Julie helped me so much. She was right about how applying to college would allow me to find my true purpose. I just got accepted a few days ago. She was also right about my boyfriend and I being soulmates. He has been such a positive for me. Thanks to Julie I am now on my path.

Alexandria Wilson
Student, Chicago, IL


Wow. Julie is an amazing reader and Intuitive. She picked up on things that were both helpful and healing. She is just fabulous.

Liz Tauber
Chicago, IL


I loved my tarot session with Julie. Her combination of channeled messages and tarot cards was a unique experience. I loved it!

Jill Rocca
Chicago, IL


I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Julie’s magic both personally and professionally over the past 6 years. We’ve worked on dozens of projects together where she’s been able to intuitively tap into a brand’s unique differentiators and create beautiful messaging that speaks volumes. Her personal readings are equally insightful. She’s truly gifted and I’m grateful to call her a colleague and a friend.

Lyric Everly
Founder Everly Agency, Los Angeles, CA